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Checking out the Tswaing Crater

Meet the Tswaing Crater - one of four very unique craters in Southern Africa... right on our doorstep. Brushing up on history and details The Tswaing Crater Reserve is a pretty cool heritage site. Approximately 220 000 years ago, a meteor collided with the earth, creating what we now know to be the Tswaing Crater. This impact crater is more or less 1,4 km in diameter and 200m deep, and it is situated almost in the middle of the surrounding reserve. This is one of only four impact craters i

Stream Licensing for Internet Radio Stations

If you have (or are thinking of starting) an online radio station, you’d probably like to know how to keep things legal. Many online radio streaming providers do not offer stream licensing as a part of their service. So how do you ensure that everyone who needs to get paid is paid? We thought that it’s about time that we have a look at various licensing bodies for different countries. Disclaimer: *The following post is not meant to be taken as legal advice. We highly recommend that you consult

’s One-Stop Entertainment Destination - Time Square

It has only been a little less than a year since Sun International’s Time Square graced Pretoria with its opening day, and it’s just got better since. Time Square has morphed into a buzzing entertainment hub for the capital. Whether you’re keen on gambling, food, or entertainment, or luxury hotels, Time Square has you covered. Most folks love a good gamble now and then. Judging by Time Square Casino’s current ongoing popularity, a casino is something that’s been missing from Pretoria for far to

Top tips on writing an online radio script

Hosting a radio show is having a one-on-one conversation with a close friend – and every ear tuned in to your show counts as one of these friends. The only thing is, you’re doing all of the talking. So, you want to be engaging, you want to keep their interest, and you don’t want to let them down with awkward silences and repetition. Pre-planning and writing out a radio script will significantly improve your delivery as a host, whether you are hosting a talk radio or music radio show. We would li

Al Fresco shopping at Duncan Yard

In the heart of Hatfield, Pretoria lies a genuine jewel - Duncan Yard. From the busy Jan Shoba Street and the surrounding roads, this spot may seem like just a small, quirky, and unassuming business complex; but Duncan Yard is so much more. Hidden behind those walls is a treasure trove of shops and cafes, all wrapped up in a quaint village setting that’s reminiscent of Tuscany. As you enter Duncan Yard, you’ll be greeted with beautiful cobblestone alleyways and corridors just waiting for you to

Alfie's Pizzeria & Deli in Hazelwood

For many of us, pizza will always be our first true love - it’s always there when we need it, after all. We figure it’s important to know where to get some delicious pizza when the craving strikes - and Alfie’s Pizzeria and Deli might be just the place. Another gem in the buzzing The Village area in Hazelwood, Alfie’s is a favourite for many pizza lovers in Pretoria. Not only do they serve up some delicious Italian-style grub, but the setting and atmosphere are also top-notch. Alfie’s comes wit

Using song requests to engage with your audience

The working life of an online radio host can sometimes be a lonely life, especially if you are a solo host and whilst you are speaking directly to your listeners, you might rarely interact with them. It doesn’t have to be this way as there are ways and means to actively encourage audience participation and make them a part of the show. You could, for example, try using song requests to engage with your audience. SAM Broadcaster Cloud includes some great player and web widgets which you can easil

Escape Without Leaving The City

Work, gym, traffic jams, construction and swarms of people… City life can be slightly overwhelming at times. And it can be tough to find a breath of fresh air. But it might be simpler than you think. We’ve found a place where you might forget that you’re still smack dab in the middle of suburbia –offers a quaint escape for the modern city dweller. Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve can be found in the Pretoria East suburb of Moreletapark. It boasts stunning wildlife, lush flora and the tranquil soun

Seven Reasons to Love 23 on Hazelwood

Being one of the many gems nestled away in the Hazelwood area, 23 on Hazelwood certainly deserves some love. This is why you need to visit this gem when you're in the area. You can’t beat the charm and European feel of a good old sidewalk café – especially in a place where so many things happen indoors. Go and grab a seat on the stoep or in the back and enjoy the fresh air. The restaurant staff who assist you have a significant influence on your dining experience and 23 on Hazelwood boasts som